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Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

Every year in the Northwest, we see more and more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, as we strive to cut carbon emissions and stop climate change.

To support organisations looking to install electric vehicle charging facilities, the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) provides a grant known as The Workplace Charging Scheme. The scheme provides financial support of £300 towards the purchase and installation of each electric charge point, up to a maximum of £6,000 per organisation.

Why install EV Charge Points in your workplace?


  • Reduce your corporate carbon footprint with convenient onsite charge points for your employee’s privately owned or fleet vehicles.

  • Attract brand new customers to your business by turning it into a convenient EV charging station.

  • Maintain your reputation as a forward thinking, ‘Green’ company.


Is your workplace eligible?

To access the grant, you must meet OLEV’s Commercial Terms and Conditions:


  • Your workplace is a registered business, public sector organisation or charity.

  • You declare a need for EV charging facilities and intent to encourage upgrades to electric or hybrid vehicles, either privately owned or fleet.

  • You own the property or you have permission from the landlord for the charge points to be installed.

  • You have off-street parking.

  • You use an OLEV approved installer such as Future Energy Group.


How to obtain your grant assisted EV Charge Point.


  • Call us – Simply get in touch on 01942 364 364 and we’ll do the rest. We’ll have a quick chat about your personal requirements and organise a date for a site survey.

  • Survey – We’ll visit your site and recommend commercial grade charge points that are right for your business and budget. If you wish to apply for the OLEV grant, we’ll make sure your workplace meets the OLEV Commercial Terms and Conditions.

  • Quote – Based on the information you give us, we’ll provide you with a quote and arrange an installation schedule that’s convenient for your business.

  • Installation – Our team of specialist engineers will install your EV charge points.

If you're looking to install workplace EV Chargepoints, let our experienced team guide you. Call 01942 364364 or complete our contact form today.

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